Stuff of Legend print process

Here’s an image of the print I did to help promote the book at the Baltimore Comic Convention in 2008. I wanted to show people what they would be seeing in the book without giving away too much.

Also, we were still in the early stages of making decisions on colors for our characters. Mike Devito and I had been going over possible color schemes for each character for a while and the only character who’s color choice was still up in the air was Harmony, the metallic ballerina. Below are several stages of the process of the print, and you’ll see she had been left without color until almost the very end while we were reviewing possible color choices.

Here is the clean pencil linework, done up in 2H lead and darkened up a bit in photoshop.

Here’s a photo I took with my phone to show Mike how our characters were coming out in color. I gave everyone simple base colors to start off with and gradually rendered them as I went. I knew red was going to be a dominant color in the whole piece, given the sky would be red, and I wanted to emphasize the violence with a color that would say it all, and I splotched red in areas of the characters to help unify them to the whole piece.

Here’s a bigger example of everyone’s color roughed in as well as continued rendering on our main characters. The medium I was using was mostly dyes, with acrylic white mixed with color to help steer the finishes where they had to go.

Here’s the image as I was approaching the finish.

The whole thing was a blast to work on. I’d never colored so many different things on one piece before, and it was a bit of a task figuring out how to tie the variety of colors together without letting anything get away from me. I used everything I knew about rendering tones in grayscale and applied it to color, and used anything I knew about color theory to make all of the color choices as visually interesting as I could.

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