3WS 2022 Gen Con Guide

Gen Con 2022 is right around the corner, and we are rolling out quite the spectacle at 3WS booth #151 this year!

We have a full lineup of demo events for The Stuff of Legend - The Board Game and Mission Control: Critical Orbit, and they are rapidly running out of spots! At the time of this post, there are still a handful of tickets for the limited signed print by The Stuff of Legend artist, Charles P. Wilson III colored by 3WS Publisher, Michael DeVito.

Use this link to find an event that fits your schedule:

Don't miss out on our exclusive Mission Control: Critical Orbit event!

In addition to the exclusive print, we have a very exclusive event at the booth. To celebrate our upcoming game Mission Control: Critical Orbit, co-designed by Donnie Coleman and Corey Andalora, you have the opportunity to participate in the S.A.G.A. Mercury 3 - Cadet Training Program, a unique and immersive experience that is only at our booth and that you have to see to believe!

There are no tickets or reservations for this limited, unique opportunity. The crew of the Mercury 3 needs your help, but you need to prove you’re ready for the mission. At the booth, you’ll register for training and receive a personalized S.A.G.A. badge with your name and picture before being allowed into the training simulator.

Badge Images, Get your badge and earn medals.

This badge has 5 open slots for different medals that you can earn throughout Gen Con 2022. You’ll earn your first medal by registering and completing your first training mission. If you and your team succeed in rescuing the crew you’ll earn a second medal!. If you collect all 4 "mission" medals, you can complete your training and earn the coveted 5th completion medal and earn your promotion!

You’ll even have the chance to meet the designers of Mission Control: Critical Orbit.

Set to release at PAX Unplugged this December, you can pre-order your copy right now! Anyone who pre-orders the game through the 3WS website will receive the expansion that adds additional objectives for all players for FREE!