3WS Books launches new middle-grade horror series

Three and a Half Stars Novel Cover

"OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK. It's as if "The Menu" and "Goosebumps" had a baby. I ate up every last word."
- Julie Hutchings

A recent string of missing children has plagued the small town of Roselake. Of course, that doesn't stop Amber and Mira from continuing their journey to review every restaurant they can. A new pizza joint has opened up and they have to try it. The pizza is sloppy and the service is awful, but pizza is pizza so Mira gives it a generous review of 3.5 stars. Amber and Mira will soon learn that even the most mild critique can have spicy repercussions.

Packed with suspense, mystery, and extra cheese Three and a Half Stars is the perfect blend for readers looking for middle-grade horror.


Where to find Three and a Half Stars:
-3WS Store