3WS to bring hit Webtoon series Immaterial to print

Immaterial by Sarah Ellerton

We are excited to announce that 3WS will be publishing the original graphic novel "Immaterial" by Sarah Ellerton, co-creator of the beloved, all-ages, fantasy series, "Finding Gossamyr".

After a childhood spent constantly moving from place to place, Alex Velasco wants nothing more than to settle into her new apartment, make some new friends, and most importantly, keep her job. But her life is turned upside down and back to front when she's accidentally pulled into a surreal escher-esque reality where things that are lost and forgotten find a home.

Sarah Ellerton is an accomplished graphic novelist, known for her work on "The Phoenix Requiem" and "Inverloch." Her unique blend of science fiction and fantasy elements, along with her strong characters and intricate world-building, make "Immaterial" a must-read for fans of the genre.

According to publisher Michael DeVito, “Sarah’s talent for world building and emotive characters is among the best in the industry, as her work on Finding Gossamyr for us has proven time and time again. Bringing Immaterial to 3WS was the easiest decision we’ve ever made.”

We are thrilled to be working with Sarah on this exciting new project and can't wait for readers to experience the story in its entirety as a graphic novel. The book is available for pre-order on our website and will be released in bookstores nationwide later this year. The first 100 pre-orders will receive a free, exclusive, Immaterial mini-print!


If you haven't already read Immaterial, be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!