Mission Control rockets to a Dice Tower Seal of Approval

What a way to start a Monday! Addresses for the US and Canada fulfillment for The Stuff of Legend have been locked, which means we’re one step closer to that happening. In addition, we got some wonderful news over the weekend about our next game, Mission Control: Critical Orbit...

Mission Control:Critical Orbit is awarded with a Dice Tower Seal of Approval

The Dice Tower Seal of Approval! Huge congratulations to Donnie Coleman and Corey Andalora, and to the rest of the team for making this game stand out! If you had the chance to see or play it at Gen Con or PaxU last year, that simulator is bonkers! The game will have a QR code so you can download and print up that "giant" version, as well.

We will have Mission Control: Critical Orbit at Origins next month, and booth #1208 will be the place to grab a copy! We will only have 20 copies allocated per day, so map it out and put it on your list! We have a limited amount remaining, also allocated for retail and pre-orders. If you’re looking to get your copy, act fast.

Pre-Order through the 3WS Store