Tournament Details:

4 hours (8pm-12am, Friday – Day 2 of GenCon)
16 participants (+ 4 referees + 2 scorekeepers + 1 MC/timekeeper)

Tournament Structure:

16 players, split among 4 tables, play 3 rounds
– prestige score accumulates over 3 rounds
– 5 Prestige Point “Pencils Down” bonus

Round 1: players randomly assigned
Round 2: table assignments based on Round 1 score (highest scorers go to table 1, second highest table 2, etc.)
Round 3: repeat (different tables, cumulative scores)

Players will be responsible for arriving at their properly assigned tables on time for each round

Top 4 players play one round

  • top 4 highest prestige scores
  • ties are broken by shard/will count
  • further ties are broken by total number of completed assignments.
  • Clean slate, no prestige scores from previous rounds carry into Final Table

Round Structure:

1) card draft (5 min)

  • each player is dealt 5 cards
  • choose 1 card, pass remaining cards to left
  • repeat until each player has chosen 3 cards
  • remaining cards are shuffled back into play deck

2) game play (30 min)

All standard AA rules apply, additionally:

  • time limit of 1 min per turn
  • “Pencils Down” is worth 5 bonus Prestige Points
  • 30 min time limit strictly enforced, regardless of game progress

3) scores recorded / tables reset (5 min)

  • All play stops after Pencils Down round concludes OR 30 min time limit expires
  • Refs record Prestige scores and Will/Shards totals for each player
  • Table is reset (refs and players collaborate)

Tournament Rules:

Tournament rules are table-enforced by players, with refs as final word on rules

  • Players are allowed to ask refs for rulings
  • Game clock WILL NOT stop for questions/rulings

Any cheating, conspiring, intentional delay of game should be reported to ref, who will take appropriate action

  • 1st infraction = warning
  • 2nd = loss of all points for the round
  • 3rd = disqualification from tournament

Players are encouraged to track their scores over the main 3 rounds of play, but the official scores will only be recorded and submitted by the refs

Any/all abusive language/behavior toward ANYONE in the event space will result in immediate expulsion of person(s) responsible, as determined by refs/event staff


– Champion receives game bundle from IDW Games, original game assignment card art from game artist Chris Wharton, features their likeness on next year’s Convention Exclusive Assignment card.

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