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This year GenCon celebrates its 50th year as one of, if not the very best, gaming convention in the world. Gamers will converge from all ends of the Earth for what is sure to be 5 amazing days of gaming and fun. This will mark Th3rd World Studio’s 5th Anniversary attending the show. There is no show that we look forward to more than GenCon. Before we even had a game this show was incredibly welcoming to us, setting record convention sales for our Comics and Books.

Last year we ran into all sorts of shipping issues on our very first game Arcane Academy, which is published by IDW Games. This year we will have over 200 copies at our booth (we already have them in hand) AND we plan to do the show right with a number of firsts for us.

We will be located at booth #1459.

GenCon50 Arcane Academy Exclusive

While technically we had our first GenCon exclusive last year with the set of 2 alternative art cards, those didn’t manage to ship in time. This year we have a boxed exclusive that comes complete with 4 brand new assignment cards to add to your base game (2 spells and 2 items) 6 new action tiles, 10 additional shards, and an upgraded set of 20 plastic Exhaustion Tokens that mirror the back of our card art. This set is limited to 500 copies and ONLY available at GenCon 50.

First Annual Head of the Class Arcane Academy Tournament

Another first for us. We will be co-sponsoring, with IDW Games, a 16 player tournament on Friday from 8pm to 12am. Players will compete against each other to show who has what it takes to earn the most Prestige, and become the very first Arcane Academy valedictorian. Prizes range from games published by IDW Games, graphic novels from Th3rd World Studios, to original artwork from Arcane Academy and the winner on next year’s GenCon exclusive assignment card. Tournament rules can be found here.

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Arith Magica Early Access

Be among the 1st to explore a new, all-ages RPG! Arrogant students have been captured in enemy territory & you’ll need to take on the role of a daring, mathemagic-wielding hero to bring them home! This brand new game, which designed by RPG veteran Darrel Hardy is set in the world of Gossamyr. Spots are almost completely full for all 5 sessions, so be sure to sign up in advance! You can sign up here!