About the author : The Stuff of Legend

Following an exciting and successful release, we have compiled a list of reviews for THE STUFF OF LEGEND: Book 1: The Dark TPB. Rather than list them separately as we normally do, we have decided to update this space as reviews become available.

Library Journal Xpress Reviews
"Playful yet creepy…"

A Book A Day Till I Can Stay
"…I chose this book to illustrate why this is an important medium…"

"This would have melted my face and stained my underpants if I was a kid discovering this insane tale."

Gestalt Mash
"…The Stuff of Legend is something that should have you jumping into (or if appropriate, back into) the closet to visits a land where our toys are once again fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble…"

"The Stuff of Legend, Book One: The Dark is highly recommended and I enthusiastically await the second book."

The Epic Gentleman’s Society
"Mike Raicht and Brian Smith have crafted a compelling story that immediately sucks you into their world, and leaves you waiting with anticipation for the next installment."

Fluidity of Time
"This is a great story, which left me biting my fingernails at some parts…"

Panels On Pages
"This simply may be my favorite book. Ever. Period."

Rebecca Housel
"If you’re in the mood for a fun read with themes of loyalty and perseverance (my favorite!), check out The Stuff of Legend."

Multiversity Comics
"It is not often that a book comes along with such a sheer and unadulterated form of creativity."

"The reason The Stuff of Legend works is that it commits so fully to the concept–there’s no wink-wink to the reader, there’s nothing twee, and the humor is fairly dark."

Publishers Weekly
"Wilson’s lovely sepia artwork infuses the book with an ominous feel and brings the complex emotions of the living toys to the fore."

"The Stuff of Legend really lives up to its name. It’s a bold new entry into a pretty fascinating tradition."

Read About Comics
"The Stuff of Legend is a good reminder that sometimes it’s not necessarily the idea, but rather the way you tell the story that makes a book memorable."

Comic Book Bin
"…The Stuff of Legend is one of those comic books in which the words are just as beautiful and perhaps more powerful than the art."

Fantasy Book Critic
"The Stuff of Legend: The Dark is truly a story that is heartwarming with a powerful message."

Ryan, the Librarian
"[The Stuff of Legend is] kind of dark, kind of childlike, and all the characters are well, … awesome."

About Heroes
"I really enjoyed the book and I was sucked right in."

Capitol Choices
"Within the events of this graphic novel, there are moments of poignancy, tragic elements, and heartbreaking explorations of the end of childhood."

Static Multimedia
"With powerful storytelling and the look and feel of an old, tattered, and well-loved children’s book, this haunting and ultimately redemptive tale of loyalty, camaraderie, and perseverance is a tale that cannot be missed."

"The Stuff of Legend: Book 1: The Dark is one of those books that provoke a desire to share – the kind of book one buys for all of one’s friends and family."

From My Bookshelf
"It is simply an overall gorgeous presentation, and I am quite delighted that I stumbled on this in the bookstore."

Third Eye Comics
"Everything from the writing to the amazing artwork to the overall presentation and format of the book was top notch…"

The Geek Curmudgeon
"…Raicht, Smith, and Wilson introduce a fascinating land inhabited by forgotten toys and fueled by the forces of evil."

Fanboy Planet
"This is one that’s going to reward reading over and over again."

Donist World
" I would have loved this book when I was a child just as I love this book now as an adult."