The Stuff of Legend - Mayor's Riddles Contest

Beware the Boogeyman Art

Play and win a free, limited "Beware the Boogeyman" Mini Print

Solve any of the Mayor's riddles to receive this limited Mini Print, featuring original art by The Stuff of Legend artist Charles Paul Wilson III, with any Kickstarter pledge*!

Contest opens worldwide starting September 1, 2021. To be eligible for the grand prize you entry must be submitted on October 18th by 12pm Eastern. Any entry dated after that time will not count towards the drawing.

Every riddle you solve gives you a chance to win a Boogeyman Edition (Deluxe) Pledge on Kickstarter and the original art of the exclusive "Beware the Boogeyman" piece signed by Charles Paul Wilson III.

The Mayor’s riddles were designed by game designer Robert Gallerani.

All puzzles are self contained and don't require knowledge of The Stuff of Legend series to participate.

*Pledge tier must include a copy of The Stuff of Legend Board Game
Detailed contest rules