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In an effort to be as proactive as possible we have taken it upon ourselves to have Diamond destroy their entire inventory on the current print run of The Stuff of Legend: Book 2 – The Jungle. This is the reason that for many of you trying to place orders there has been no fulfillment through Diamond. It came to our attention that a substantial amount of the Stuff of Legend Book 2 The Jungle TPBs have had binding problems that caused in some instances pages to come loose from the book. Initially we thought this to be an isolated incident and proceeded as normal, but once what we deem a fairly high number of TPBs started being returned with the same issue we realized there was something up beyond just a couple fluke boxes of damages.

Working closely with the printer, who has been very helpful in correcting their mistake, we have reprinted the entire run of the TPB. The books are currently en-route to Diamond and would have arrived sooner, but to prevent the new copies from being destroyed we had to wait. Take note however that there is still a possibility of some old copies getting mixed into the reprinted ones. If stores that have return-ability return the books (Border’s, Barnes and Noble, etc.) and there are no damages

Diamond will not destroy the books they will instead restock them with the rest of their inventory.

We apologize for this issue, but rest assured we are doing our best to make it right. If you are a fan and have copies that you are concerned about the damages on I would suggest returning them to the site of their purchase as that is the FASTEST way to get a new copy back in your hands. If you are a retailer the normal damages return policy applies, however keep in mind that if it is deemed "intact" when you send it back it will get reshuffled into the inventory for everyone else.

We thank you for your understanding of this issue as well as your continued loyalty to us.