Justin Robinson,
Th3rd World’s own Editor-in-Chief, has just published his debut science
fiction novel SUBSPACE! Phase 5 Publishing, a leading online magazine
for original science fiction, fantasy and horror, features part 1 of
SUBSPACE in the current March 2011 issue, available at their website www.phase5publishing.com. The rest of the novel will appear in subsequent issues of the magazine.

SUBSPACE takes place on an artificial world without
gravity, where the people are so adapted to weightlessness that they will
suffocate if exposed to earthlike conditions. Idriel Ramirez has returned home after seven long years of slavery
as a pilot aboard a privateer vessel.
An old flame, Ausiel Montoya, finds him and begs for transport offworld,
but when they are supposed to meet, she has vanished. Ramirez searches for her, telling himself that it’s
the money she promised and not the memory of his old feelings that spurs
him. He has to work with people
that he can’t trust and slowly discovers that Ausiel’s disappearance is

connected to a vast mystery that links the planet’s secret police, an underground
cult and a voyage to an uncharted star.
Ramirez will have to solve the entire puzzle if he wants to save his


Head on over to Phase 5 and pick your copy up today.
Justin will personally high five you should you ever be in the same room
with him.