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Comic Book Resources“I have no doubt the adventures along the way are going to be stellar.”

Comic Attack “Wilson, Conkling, and DeVito continue to make this one of the most beautiful books I have the pleasure of reading”

The Weekly Crisis “The creative team of Stuff of Legend has not missed a single step since the last series”

The Quarter Bin “You’d be hard-pressed to find a single thing to complain about with [Wilson’s] work right now.”

Comics Bulletin “Last year Stuff of Legends was one of those books I always directed new readers to who wanted to see something different past superheroes.”

Comic Attack “The Stuff of Legend. You’ve never read anything like it before; a young boy has been abducted from his home by the Boogeyman, via a magical gateway in his closet which leads to the realm of The Dark.”

Boomerang Comics “For a change of pace in your reading, please pick up this book.”

The Weekly Crisis “If you are not reading this now, you will regret it later down the road.”

Comic Book Resources “Wilson, Conkling, and DeVito have given this book a timeless, well-loved look that dazzles the senses.”

Comic Attack “This series is fantastic and easily one of the top indie books on the shelves right now.

The Weekly Crisis “This issue slows down, but only enough to let you catch your breath and realize how high this roller coaster ride of a comic has gone up, and preparing you for the big drop in the final issue of the series.

Comic Book Resources “Wilson, Conkling, and DeVito continue to make this one of the most beautiful books I have the pleasure of reading.”

ComicBuzz “The conclusion to The Jungle is probably the single most eventful issue yet, though paced in a manner that never feels rushed or forced, with every story beat given appropriate breathing room.”

Comic Attack “Artist Charles Paul Wilson III smokes this issue like a fine maduro cigar, hitting grand slams on every level.”

The Weekly Crisis “As always, the creative team behind Stuff of Legend works as a well-oiled engine, delivering a jaw dropping conclusion while still introducing new elements and plot lines.”

The Quarter Bin “Though “The Jungle” has been rife with challenges, this last issue in particular leaves readers hanging on an incredibly steep cliff. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”